BEAUTY BAR: SkinRX scoop from Luxe Vivant Editor, Kerry Shorr

Model Washing FaceThere are always instances when I would really love to wash my face but it’s just not convenient.

Instance #1: I’m at the office. I’m going out after work and would love to clean my face and refresh my makeup but, well, I really would rather not have to hit the public restroom.

Instance #2: I’m on an airplane. We all know that grimy airplane feeling – but you can’t very well scrub up with that little soap, tiny sink and abrasive paper towels. And do I even need to say that a Wet-Nap will simply not cut it?

Good news: After trawling the cosmetic aisles, I have found a little tissue that banishes makeup and balances skin in one simple swipe. New from Aveeno®, Ultra-Calming® Makeup Removing Wipes (pictured below) do more than simply dissolve oil and dirt and remove all traces of makeup from your face. These pre-moistened wipes contain the purified feverfew extract (similar to chamomile) which negates redness and rebalances naughty, sensitive skin. And the best part: This breakthrough ingredient is also used medicinally to relieve headaches.

Who will especially love this product: Skincare addicts; party girls; jet setters.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.25.54 AM

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