“Wine, Women & Shoes” fetes fashion set and dog lovers

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Dogs are adorable but they fetched the short end of the stick, linguistically speaking. Here’s proof: Summer’s hottest months are known as “dog days”, “going to the dogs” is an idiom which describes something that has worsened, or use it to describe a woman and you’ll walk away with a stinging cheek, maybe worse.

But on March 29, man’s best friend was the symbol of sweetness. A dozen dogs from Big Dog Ranch Rescue (BDRR) lined the sidewalk of Palm Beach’s legendary Mar-a-Lago to welcome “Wine, Women & Shoes” guests with bright-eyed interest and wet licks. The event raised thousands of dollars for BDRR, a nonprofit that shelters and secures homes for displaced canines.

0009-RMP_7897-EditOversized floral-shaped dogs (designed by The White House‘s master florist Ruth Loiseau, pictured above) held court as hunky Shoe Guys* served the fido-j’adoring crowd wine and Champagne from silver trays.

Chaired by Emily Pantelides, the afternoon featured wine tastings, live and silent auctions, a marketplace stocked with luxe shoes, jewelry, and accessories, a Manolo Blahnik shoe lounge, a “Best in Shoe” competition, and a Neiman Marcus spring fashion show (see pictures below).




During lunch, partygoers were treated to special presentations by honorary chairs Suzy Welch and her daughter Eve Wetlaufer, and Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw. One fashionable guest, Dr. Sandra Spender, was awarded “Best in Shoe”, a footwear competition judged by Luxe Vivant’s Kerry Shorr (pictured below).

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 5.14.35 PM

IMG_8081Eve Wetlaufer, Jack Welch, and Suzy Welch 

IMG_8030Beth Pine, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, and Lauree Simmons 

Emily Pantelides, Jay Zeager and Mo Foster from Cool 105.5 Mo and Sally ShowEmily Pantelides with Shoe Guys Jay Zeager (left) and Mo Foster

IMG_8066Briana Beaty, Brooke McKernan, Ashley Schutz, and Carin Acree

0130-IMG_8058-EditSharon DiPietro, Laura Coburn Russell, and Cheri DiPietro

0151-IMG_8086-EditLisa Erdman and Shoe Guy Ernie Jabour

1134-IMG_8161-EditSusy Benjamin, Nicole Johnson, Tonya Love-Cheatham, Ashley Lowe,
Laura Coburn Russell, Lynsie Phleeger, and Allison Nicklaus

0170-IMG_4792-EditAnita Ciolli, Frank Ciolli, John Boinis, David Fieramosca,

and Joey Ciolli of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

“Wine, Women & Shoes” event committee included: Maite Arnedo, Enid Atwater, Amy Bradshaw, Kathy Casper, Alys Daly, Kim Donaldson, Sarah Gatewood, Elaine Hinsdale, Britney Linsky, Jennifer Loiseau, Tonya Love, Heather Neville, Jackie Nicholson, Jackie Paul, Amy Reid, Elisa Saunders, Rebecca Seelig, Shanna St. John, Julie Thomas, and Soraya Thornton.

*Distinguished gentlemen from Palm Beach County.

Photo Credit
Lead photo of Trotter the French Bulldog courtesy of Sonya Yu
All photos courtesy of Raymond Clerie, Real Memories Photography & Films

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