FOODIES AFOOT: Savor Our City’s Flavorful Walking Tours Are Here

There are few things we love more than dining out so we were excited to give Savor Our City a taste-drive.

Hosted by hospitality veteran Denise Righetti, this three-hour, epicurean walking tour offers a culinary exploration of South Florida’s burgeoning food districts, including Delray Beach’s Atlantic Avenue, Pineapple Grove, and PGA Commons in Palm Beach Gardens.
(NEXT TOUR: Wednesday, July 30; 6-9PM at PGA Commons).

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.30.19 PM

Guests are treated to a series of gastronomic experiences packed with food-wine-and-beer pairings, intimate discussions with culinary insiders, and best of all, a sweet ending.

On that warm, summery day, we (all 20 of us) arrived hungry. We met at the designated, starting spot near Salt7, one of Atlantic Avenue’s haute watering holes, popularized by the skinny-jean-and-stiletto set.

After a quick introduction, Denise handed everyone a paper fan and a blank name tag. On it she asked us to write our names and our favorite food and drink.

Sharing our selections created instant alliances. If there’s one thing humans bond over, it’s food and booze.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.32.14 PM

Soon we were strolling down Atlantic Avenue to our first destination: The Office. The style-forward gastropub looks little like our home office and is known for its interpretive bar food and vintage-inspired craft cocktails.

We indulged in fork-tender Prime Office burgers served with thick-cut french fries and a cold local brew to wash it down. Those great reviews you’ve read about The Office? They’re true.

Taverna Opa was the next stop on the foodie chew-chew. The boisterous taverna and its gregarious waitstaff would have made the fictitious Alexis Zorba feel at home. Bright, whitewashed walls, weathered floor tiles, and long, wooden tables set the backdrop for grilled chicken souvlaki and lemon-perfumed potatoes.

We also learned to make hummus. Like in the famous “I Love Lucy” sketch, we mashed marinated chick peas to smooth, creamy perfection. #SomeoneSayOPA

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.37.04 PMSoon after we were on the road again and made a quick pitstop into IT’SUGAR, a specialty candy and gift shop known for its nostalgic sweets and 5-pound Gummy Bears.

One tin of Uncle Oinkers Bacon Mints (pictured above) later, we were plodding our way to DIG (short for “Doing It Green”), a mother-and-daughter-run eatery that serves up locally-sourced, fresh-from-the-farm cuisine including flavorful vegan fare, organic wines, and skinny cocktail selections.

We doubted our stomachs had the real estate left for our final destination, Sloan’s Ice Cream. After a spoonful of the sweet emporium’s Scout’s Honor (a mixture of cool mint ice cream, Girl Scout thin mint cookies, and loads of chocolate chunks), we found the energy to scrape the bowl for the last spoonful.

Savor Our City culinary tours are hosted on a weekly/monthly basis; tickets cost $65 per person. Private group tours are also available. To purchase tickets or for more information including tour dates and times, click HERE or call 954-410-3177.



  1. Jaime

    This message is for Kerry. I saw you wrote an article about Chef Wade Owens, at Bocce a few months ago. I have an event coming up and was wondering where he is now?
    Thank you,

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