Palm Beach Fashion Rising

PB Rising

Here is something we already know: Palm Beach is notorious for its decadent, “can’t-fly-under-the-radar” style. But this sartorial playground is also known for spawning some of the fashion world’s greatest talent.

Palm Beach Illustrated tapped Luxe Vivant’s editor, Kerry Shorr, to write a round-up spotlighting five of the area’s most talented, rising fashion insiders, including: VeryAllegra’s Allegra Fanjul, Flagpole Swim’s Jaime Barker and Megan Balch, Bull & Moose’s Diego Echeverri, and Rae Francis’ Christina Coniglio.

Allegra Fanjul, Jewelry Designer and Blogger of VeryAllegra

Allegra Fanjul


Jaime Barker (left) and Megan Balch, Co-Founders/Co-Designers of Flagpole Swim

Jaime Barker and Megan Balch


Diego Andres Echeverri, Co-Founder/CEO/Designer of Bull + Moose

Diego Echeverri

Bull + Moose

Christina Coniglio, Co-Founder/Co-Designer of Rae Francis

Christina Coniglio

Rae Francis

Photo Credit:

Photo of Allegra Fanjul courtesy of Michael Price

Photo of Jaime Barker/Megan Balch courtesy of Anders Wallace NYC

Photo of Diego Andres Acheverri courtesy of Mike Zemrose


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