Bon Vivant and Banker Richard Gaff Shares His Favorite Things


You may not know Richard Gaff, but you have probably seen the tall, svelte financial adviser at a polo match in Wellington or at one of the county’s myriad charity soirees. A textbook bon vivant, Gaff’s always impeccably dressed, top-to-toe, and at ease in vibrant, handmade duds and monogrammed slippers sans socks. He represents everything one admires about Palm Beach’s convivial, Camelot-imbued lifestyle.

Known for his altruistic nature, the Wellington resident is a board member of myriad charities including the Young Friends of the Palm Beach Symphony and sits on various gala committees like KidSanctuary’s Haute Hoedown at the Flagler Museum on November 17.

In the September issue of Palm Beach Illustrated, we spoke with Gaff about his favorite things including Veuve Clicquot and driving muscle cars.


For the entire interview, visit

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